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Body Image And Dissatisfaction in Asian American College Women

By: Ashley Valera Transitioning to a college environment and moving away from home for the first time sounds great with all the freedom that you're gaining and all the experiences you will have as an adult. But it can be a tough time for students and leave them more susceptible to the media and what others say or think about... Continue Reading →


                                    In today's world films they have a significant role in the way our society is shaped and how culture trends are created. We may think that racial issues is still an issue of the past only because... Continue Reading →

Am I Desirable?

Many of us are very familiar to the stereotypes that asian men have due to the media, television, and movies. These stereotypes effect the lives off many Asian Men around the world, emasculating them making them not “desirable”. Being judged of having small penises, not being cool enough or being too feminine. All these stereotypes... Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas is to not see Black Face

Alyssa King Recently Netflix released a new original series called Dear White People. Dear White People is about a group of black students who face racism at a predominantly white Ivy League college called Winchester University. They experience social injustice, activism, white privilege and even a party whose theme was Blackface, hosted by white people. The... Continue Reading →

“She asked for it.”

Written By: Kathy Nguyen If you see a young woman wearing red booty shorts and a crop top on a hot weather and she gets raped on that day, do you think she was asking for it? If you see a young woman drinking a lot at a party and got raped on that night,... Continue Reading →

Push/Pull Factors of Filipino Nurse Migration

Written By: Kathy Nguyen 04/7/2017   Why do we hear the racial stereotype of “why most of the nurses are Filipino?” Well, the United States is a primary destination country for Filipino nurse to migrate because the U.S had a shortage of nurses. According to the scholarly article, “Nurse migration and its implications for Philippine... Continue Reading →

White is the New Asian… According to Hollywood

By: Alana Mirikitani Whitewashing. What is it? Exactly how it sounds. When the presence of any person of color is completely washed out. In this issue specifically, it pertains to Hollywood's actions in many films originally involving Asian characters. There have been various films throughout history that have shown the presence of whitewashing certain characters... Continue Reading →

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