Silent Struggle

Asian American Women Eating Disorders

Before I start the blog post I’d like to say something to all the woman out there no matter your ethnicity, age, or size. ALL WOMEN are BEAUTIFUL! 


Its like Tupac said “A woman brought you into this world so you have no right to disrespect one, because without women would none of us be here…” This quote hits home with me because I hear slurs about men sexualizing women and making them feel like there not good enough based on their looks all the time like its a joke. This is not right at all, we as men have no right nor should we ever say anything like this because its true without women would none of us be here today, men can’t give the miracle of birth. We need to RESPECT and LOVE our women! So ladies please don’t listen to men when they say stupid things about your weight or your looks because your ALL BEAUTIFUL!

(Please watch this video above )

This video was actually one of the first videos I came across when I decided to pick this topic as my second blog post. In the video is a very popular Asian American Youtube girl, Laura Grace. As you can see from the video it is very blunt about her eating disorder and how she couldn’t hold it in anymore. Which off the bat is very wrong that she felt like she couldn’t tell anyone not even her best friend. Imagine living in a world where your not only being judged because of your ethnicity but also because of how you look, is a cruel world that no woman should live in. Sadly many Asian American women in this world go thought this. (Side note: woman and men of different ethnicities also go through this but for the post I’m concentrating on Asian American woman only)





 In todays world social media, magazines, television and pretty much anywhere you look is the “perfect image” which influences a lot of girls and women in how “they should look”. Im not a girl but from everything I’ve read and seen since very little research has been made. I can see that Beauty is a huge thing in todays world that is causing many problems like eating disorders. Such a big problem that you not only see and hear from teenage girls and grown women but you also start to see it in elementary school. How do I know this? because I’ve experience it at work. I work for beyond the bell which is an after school program that helps kids do their homework, then do some fun activities or go play outside. 



One day while we were outside playing kickball I noticed one of my students Tirah Suh crying on a bench, so I went over to see what was wrong and she was telling me about how the girls were making fun of her because of her weight. I was more shocked then I was upset, I couldn’t believe that at such a young age little girls were being made fun of for things like that. She was truly hurt and after this situation came up it was sad to find out that this wasn’t the only time it had happened. She had been so hurt already with all the over weight and asian eye jokes that she didn’t even wanna be in the program anymore let alone the school. I think this is a reason why I picked the topic at hand because this little girl didn’t know better, when she’s hungry she’ll eat just how any human should and as for the way her eyes are shaped she has no control over it’s all genes but she shouldn’t be ashamed of it! It’s not her fault, nor should she feel guilty for it. Very sad experience I had that truly opened my eyes to the big problem thats happening globally. 

That little girl is eventually gonna grow up and guess whats gonna happen if nothing is done to that train of thought, she now has about her body. She is eventually gonna have eating disorders to try and get “skinny” which can cause many problems to her health or do worst and fall in depression.  

Another situation Ive gone through would be like dates. In dates its always seen to be a norm that the girl gets a salad and the male gets the biggest steak or burger on the menu.   





We see things like this all the time  in movies, television shows, or from our actual dates. That should be changed the girl should be able to get whatever she wants to eat and not feel uncomfortable about eating it or being judged. 



I asked a couple of the girls that I had once gone out with which are good friends now about our first date and all them said “yes, I was starving when we went to go eat but I was just to shy or didn’t wanna look like a fat ass in front of you, so I got a salad but when I got home I ate haha…” This isn’t cool at all, but I don’t blame them for doing it because males are very judgmental about stupid things like that and it needs to be changed! If you cant eat comfortable in front of a guy because he’s looking at you weird or saying dumb things that guy doesn’t deserve you or any girl at that. 

So please speak up! Don’t stay in silence ladies! Lets make a difference today so that eating disorders can be a thing of the past and future generations of beautiful Asian American women don’t have to go through this. If your going through this urself don’t keep it in, speak to a friend, a councilor, or your parents and try to get some help. Its not anything weird or out of this world, any one can get eating disorders which is what makes it a serious problem. I myself had a eating disorder because all my life I was overweight and would always be made fun off for it, and didn’t know how to get in shape the correct way so the only thing I knew was to stop eating food and stick to just chicken and salads. Guess what happened to me 3 months into this diet? I got really sick because my body was lacking sugars, vitamins, and other good things that the body needs and I went into shock at the movie theatre and had to be taken to the doctors. Shortly after that my body was all messed up and eventually I got vertigo and went into depression and let me tell you its a horrible thing, not even being able to leave your room. I eventually received some help from my doctors after speaking to him about my problems and my diet then he assigned me a personal nutrition specialist who also gave me workout advice. Ever since then I’ve been in the best shape of my life and I feel good inside! 

So please SPEAK UP! This isn’t something your going through alone million of people go through this especially women minorities in trying to assimilate into the “AMERICAN BEAUTY”. If you have any friends you might think are going through this try and have a conversation with them no matter how uncomfortable it is. We need to make a change, stop saying fat jokes, judging people, and stop trying to be Beautiful. WE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO LOVE OURSELVES AND THE PEOPLE AROUND US! 



This website has a 24/7 help line (818)-585-1775

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