Am I Desirable?


Many of us are very familiar to the stereotypes that asian men have due to the media, television, and movies. These stereotypes effect the lives off many Asian Men around the world, emasculating them making them not “desirable”. Being judged of having small penises, not being cool enough or being too feminine. All these stereotypes are false, created by the entertainment industry in which judges all ethnicities and gives rise to the white race making them look like gods in our eyes. Our society is manipulated without even knowing that they are being taught to be more sexually interested in one certain race by certain body features that are mostly only found in White genes and rarely people of color. For example straight blonde hair, green/blue eyes, light skin, etc. The list can go on and on but it is simply impossible for certain body features to be changed because they are not in our genes like height, eye shape, and skin color.

Which is why Asian Males are rarely picked for leading roles because they are not “desirable” to the white audience. More so often they are picked for roles of the “sidekick” in which they are made fun off for not being tall, muscular, or good looking but rather to be nerdy, funny, and skinny/short. You never see the asian man play the cool kid  or the bad ass in films or television shows. Its even gotten to a point where other known name minority actors start to speak wrong about them as well making jokes like Steve Harvey.sfl-donald-trump-steve-harvey-who-has-more-credibility-20151222

he stated, in reference to a 2002 book called How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men (which is a whole different can of worms in and of itself), that “there’s just no way someone could be attracted to Asian men” all while laughing uncontrollably. The video is actually very uncomfortable to watch but here is the link ( ) so you can get a better understanding to how racial Steve Harvey is to Asian Men.

Jokes like this are not cool as for the way media emasculate them making them feel “powerless”.Emasculation, for some that don’t know according to the dictionary, means “to deprive of strength, vigor, or spirit,” or “to deprive of virility of procreative power.” Asian men are not being portrayed as strong leaders or as real men. Instead they are portrayed like this …

It just isn’t right, its not a normal play field the advantages are given to other ethnicities the highest being the White Male, Black , Hispanic, and then the Asian Male. Through out the media they are always being judged wether its a cartoon show, a blockbuster film, or a Netflix show; the asian is always playing these roles or they have yellow face. So instead of having an asian male play the asian male part they cast a white man and replace him just like that.

This effects the way they are seen when walking into an interview, it effects the way they assimilate with other ethnicities, and it deprives them of their history and culture. As a man the biggest thing to me is pride, when someone messes with your pride it can really mess you mentally and physically. Mentally because you start to think your not worthy of anyone, because no-one shows interest so you start to question your yourself. Which can lead to depression and that can be a gateway to many things like drugs, alcohol, and suicide. As for physically it can hurt because you can develop bad eating habits because you wanna look like the guy on screen, or it causes certain people to go out and get unnecessary surgery just so they can feel comfortable in their skin and be accepted by others. This is not cool at all and no-one should go through this, we are all beautiful and unique in our own certain ways. We need to change the way that people think about the asian men and the only way we have to do it is to be against all the stereotypes, racial slurs/jokes, and stand up speak against it on the only platform that many of us have, which is media.

Media is a very powerful key to which why many things are slowly starting to change in the media industry because people are finally being able to express how they feel about certain stuff which isn’t right. Many people don’t even know that is wrong simply because its been imbedded in our brains to see the “western look” as the norm which is tall, muscular, colored eyes, etc. And everything else that is not that is shown to be “eww” or not desirable. So has a minority I ask you to not make racial jokes about someone masculinity or looks because it can hurt them far beyond what you think. It is not something to take as a joke it is a serious matter. So spread awareness, open your mind, and accept people for who’d what they are. “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” We all come in different size, color, shape. bodytypes.jpg




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  1. Hi Daniel, I enjoy reading your post about how the negative stereotypes impact Asian men because of the media, TV shows, and movies. The stereotypes make the Asian men feel insecure and they feel “unwanted” and that is not right. All men should feel equal from any other race. I would randomly ask my White, Hispanic, and Black friends about Asian men stereotypes and the first thing they think of is that they have “small penises.” Like really…

    Thank you for the post Daniel. I like how you gave good examples. And most importantly, I agree with you that we shouldn’t make racial jokes about someone’s masculinity and appearance.

    -Kathy Nguyen


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