Do I Fit Your Standards?: Asian American Beauty Standards

Alyssa King  5/3/2017   In the world we live in, white is considered better. All around the world white is considered beautiful in these standards: better hair, fair skin, better facial features, etc. Society is also taught these standards so that generations down the line consciously/subconsciously believe this is concept and is becoming normalized. Many... Continue Reading →


From Desegregating to Dominating the Playing Field

By: Ashley Valera Today, we'd like to think that segregation and discrimination based on race is a part of our history which we've grown from and fought for everyone to have the same rights regardless of race. When in reality only 53 years ago the government passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlawed the segregation of people in public places and discrimination based on race, religion, and sex. That wasn't that long... Continue Reading →

Silent Struggle

Asian American Women Eating Disorders Before I start the blog post I’d like to say something to all the woman out there no matter your ethnicity, age, or size. ALL WOMEN are BEAUTIFUL!  Its like Tupac said “A woman brought you into this world so you have no right to disrespect one, because without women... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Your Model Minority

I Am Not Your Model Minority By Kathy Nguyen 03/31/2017 Asian American students have done it once again; Getting a good education and going to a top university and getting a college degree. Asian American students are viewed as a Model Minority because they are academically successful than other racial minority groups. Asian Americans students... Continue Reading →

Immigration Raids

“Why does president Donald Trump hate my raza (Mexicans) so much?” I constantly ask myself this question everyday. Whenever I go on any social media, watch television, or even read a newspaper, there it is… All the hate. As a Mexican-American citizen of this country it truly hurts to see what Donald Trump has done... Continue Reading →

Race Determines Your Sentence

By: Ashley Valera It is still apparent in today’s society that White Americans and Black Americans are treated differently. Especially in America’s legal system. Our legal system is based upon the saying “you’re innocent until proven guilty”. That is until you’re accused of looking “shady” or “suspicious” even though that's just a way of profiling a... Continue Reading →

Oh honey, let me do your nails for you

02/24/2017 8:41 PM Hollywood star Tippi Hedren, back right, with 20 Vietnamese female immigrants that she humbly helped to successfully change the nail industry. By: Kathy Nguyen Sharing just a large plastic bowl of Cháo, Vietnamese rice porridge, with her two sisters to eat everyday to survive, my mom knew her life was troubled. She... Continue Reading →

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